You and your family can now have your lab tests done at the comfort of your home. We take care of transporting samples to the laboratory, within Buenos Aires. Avoid unnecessarily going to health centers and wasting your time in waiting rooms.

A service within your reach

1. Book your appointment

Complete the form here, send us an email, call us or send us a WhatsApp to arrange for the day and time of the collection.

Comuníquese a través de nuestro formulario de contacto aquí, por email, teléfono o whatsapp, para coordinar el día y hora de la extracción.

2. We go to your home

The phlebotomist will go to your home to collect samples.

3. We take samples to the laboratory

Laboratory service coverage offered by your health insurance system.

4.Get your results

We send your results by email. Done!

If you do not have medical insurance, don’t worry, you can also have access to our service

There is a list of excellent laboratories available where you can get your tests done at affordable prices.

How to prepare for your lab tests

What should I consider before I have a lab test conducted?

At the time of collection, you must have the original medical order containing the following information: the patient’s full name, health insurance system which he/she belongs to, member number, date with day, month and year, stamp and signature of the requesting physician. Orders are valid for 30 days from the date they were issued, with the exception of orders from MEDICUS, GALENO, OSDE, SWISS MEDICAL (and others) which are valid for 60 days.


  • 8 hours routine tests.

  • 12 hours: cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL cholesterol.

  • You can drink water, tea or other hot beverages as long as they have no sugar.

  • Do not smoke or chew gum before blood collection.

  • Sample collection for determination of cortisol and prolactin must be performed at 8 AM.

  • You can take your usual medication unless the test in intended to dose it.


  • For urinalysis a minimum retention of 3 hours is required.

  • The container for the urine sample must be sterilized, clean and dry and can be purchased in a pharmacy.

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